TECC STEPS step3 X CASES 〜We will overcome extreme cases〜

Hello, everyone. We hope that you are doing well.
Tokyo Endovascular Challenging Conference (TECC) organization will hold the web-based case presentation conference “TECC STEPS step3 X-cases” on July 14th, 2021. Web meeting style has become standard now and it enables us to keep in touch with foreign experts. This meeting aims to have your extreme PAD case presentation and discuss hotly the best EVT strategies of each case in English. We will invite Dr. Suematsu, Dr. Fukunaga, Dr. Haraguchi and Dr. Tokuda in Japan, and Dr. Su Hong Kim in Korea and Dr Miyashita in Finland as special commentators. We consider that this is a precious opportunity to have the expert opinions of the extreme cases and know the global standard strategy of EVT. Please let us share your extreme cases.
TECC is the pioneer of live demonstration and case conference on the internet and keeps working aggressively in this year! We are sincerely looking forward to your participation!


July 14th (Wed), 2021.







Call for Abstract
Call for Abstract(応募は締め切りました)

※The deadline for abstracts is June 4th, 2021. → June 14th, 2021.





Opening Remarks 19:00-19:15

Naoki Hayakawa(Asahi General Hospital)

X CASES 1~3. 19:15-20:00

Naoki Hayakawa(Asahi General Hospital)
Kazunori Horie(Sendai Kousei Hospital)
Tatsuya Nakama (Tokyo Bay Medical Center)

Nobuhiro Suematsu(Saiseikai Fukuoka General Hospital)
Takuya Haraguchi(Sapporo Cardio Vascular Clinic)
Hirokazu Miyashita(Helsinki University Hospital, Heart and Lung Center)
Su Hong Kim(Busan Veterans Hospital )

X CASE 1. A case of acute limb ischemia on chronic limb ischemia ~How should we treat this case?~

Naoki Yoshioka (Ogaki Municipal Hospital)

X CASE 2.  A Successful Case of Stent Implantation through the Fractured Stent-Strut in Superficial Femoral Artery Based on Bench Testing Simulation

Haruya Yamane (National Hospital Organization Osaka National Hospital)

X CASE 3. Successful Calcification Guided OMOTE-HIZA-PUN and OUTBACK Used Wiring for Limb Salvage in a Case of Critical Limb Ischemia with Severely Calcified Infrapopliteal Occlusion.  Best presentation Award

Akiko Tanaka (Sendai Kousei Hospital)

X CASES 4~6. 20:00-20:45

Kazunori Horie(Sendai Kousei Hospital)
Naoki Hayakawa(Asahi General Hospital)
Yo Iwata (Funabashi Municipal Medical Center)

Takahiro Tokuda(Nagoya Heart Center)
Masashi Fukunaga(Morinomiya Hospital)
Yuta Azumi(Tokyo Bay Medical Center)
Su Hong Kim(Busan Veterans Hospital )

X CASE 4. A case of occluded femoropopliteal saphenous vein bypass with threatening limb ischemia treated with endovascular stent graft relining

Taku Toyoshima (Kansai Rosai Hospital)

X CASE 5. A case of CIA to SFA occlusion with severe calcification after bypass occlusion diagnosed as inoperable, which could be treated with EVT using various methods and techniques

Masataka Arakawa (Asahi General Hospital)

X CASE 6. TWICE PINC Technique for Severe Calcified Lesion at Anterior Tibial Artery to Dorsalis Pedis Artery in Chronic Limb-threatening Ischemia Patient

Masafumi Mizusawa (Saiseikai Yokohama-city Eastern Hospital)

Closing Remarks 20:45-21:00

Kazunori Horie(Sendai Kousei Hospital)