TECC STEPSでは、プレゼンテーション能力の向上と、新しいアイデアと知見の共有のため、下記の通り演題募集を行います。


2.演題募集締切(Deadline for Abstract Submission)
  • Abstracts successfully submitted by the June 4 , 2021.
3.募集内容(Details of the offer)
  • 症例検討(Case study)


4.発表形式(Presentation Format)
  • Language:English only
  • Format:ZOOM Webinar
5.演題登録方法(How to Submit your Abstract)

Please access the online abstract submission form from below. The submission form will be available from Monday, May 30 2021.

2)入力項目(Check items)

  • 氏名(漢字)(Name)
  • ふりがな(Ruby ※Japanese Only)
  • 所属施設(Institute)
  • 所属部署(Department)
  • 電子メールアドレス(E-mail)
  • 演題タイトル(30字以内)(Title:An abstract must have a short, specific title)
  • 抄録本文(300字〜1000字)(Abstracts:800 words or less in English.)
  • 画像(jpeg)1MB以内 1枚まで(Figure: JPEG format and of 1MB or less in size)
6.演題の採否(Acceptance of Abstract)
  • 演題の採否は世話人にご一任ください。
    The final decision to accept or reject the submitted abstracts will be made by the Congress Chairperson, and based on the reviews of judges delegated by the Congress Chairperson.
  • 演題の採否につきましては、6月中頃(予定)にご登録いただいたメールアドレスにお知らせいたします。
    Abstract acceptance will be available by mid-June. Please ensure that the email provided for the presenting author is accurate as all correspondences will be sent via email, to the presenting author.
演題登録フォーム(abstract submission form)